52. Air BnB: Setting the Vision??

Air BnB: Who Knew?

I’ve been with my daughter and two of my grandchildren this week in San Diego. My daughter had a training for work, and invited me along to help with the kids.

I said, “LetmethinkabouthatYES!” (It sounded just like that, too!)

So here we are, basking in the lovely San Diego sunshine, by the ocean and the zoo and Balboa Park in a lovely little casita my daughter found on Air BnB.

Of course I’ve heard of Air BnB, and I’ve even had friends who utilized the website and app to advertise their own vacation rentals on Maui, but I’ve not had the opportunity to use it myself until now. We are having a wonderful experience.

Our cottage is well-appointed, in a lovely neighborhood. Our hosts are delightful and truly seem to enjoy their business. They’ve thought of everything from extra shampoo and lotion in the bathroom, along with plenty of towels, to an electric sweeper, coffee K-cups, and even a baby gate to help keep the little one safe at the short flight of stairs. There’s Wi-Fi, and a pool and hot tub available, beach towels and pool toys, along with plenty of comfortable sleeping space. All told, I’m happier here than I’ve been in many a luxury hotel.

It’s a real plus that the hosts also have a built-in playmate for my grandson in their twelve-year-old son. That’s made my grandson’s life SO much easier.

The stay has also given me a little more vision for what I might do with our cabin-in-the-woods in Idaho. There are (always) improvements and repairs that we need to make and now I have an idea of putting it on Air BnB and becoming a host myself for those looking for a vacation getaway, so those improvements will be made with this in mind.

I think it’s a perfect way to maximize our lovely property when we are not there and help it pay its own way in our lives.

All it takes is a little vision, a bit of front-end work, and the ability to use our computer.

And this month on Breakfast With God, it’s all about vision, dear readers.

Remember: “All you need is Love…”

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