54. Vision…


Not long ago I read a woman’s haunting story of how she moved to Maui. She was working a job she loved in another state. She was with a man she loved, and had a son she loved. And then she found Maui.

She visited Maui, laid on the beach and felt like a magnet was holding her to the sand, all the while filling her with rejeuvenating life. The warm waters beckoned her. The blue sky enchanted her. The blend of cultures captivated her. Soon, she was obsessed. She began to eat, drink, and sleep Maui. Maui invaded her everyday and began to control the direction of her life. 

At her job, her screensaver was a photo of a tropical, Hawaiian water scene. She began having Hawaiian themed parties. She listened to Hawaiian music CDs in her car, and at home. Her son got on board. Finally she took him on a vacation there and he said to her (in short), “Let’s do this Mom” meaning: let’s make the move.

Her life had to go through a massive, disruptive evolution to get her there. A divorce. A custody battle. Quitting her “dream” job that she loved and that she was great at. She had to sell her goods, leave her family, get on a plane with her son, and do it. And she did. She just DID it. 

She had been waiting for the “perfect” moment when she could make the move, and realized that that perfect moment would never come if she kept waiting, so she made the leap, leaving all of her old life behind and launching into this dream that had become her vision. A vision that was realized.


Why was this woman’s story so haunting to me? Because it was also my own, almost word for word, experience for experience. Right down to lying on the beach while on a visit and feeling that  “magnet” hold me to the earth and give me a sense that I MUST somehow get to stay in this place called Maui.

Several years before this woman began her Maui quest, I began my own. The first time I visited Maui in 2002, it was like leaving my lover as I got on the plane back to Alaska. I sat as far in the back of the plane as I could and cried my eyes out for the nearly six hors back to the Seattle airport.

I began to hold Hawaiian themed parties—even for my children’s birthdays. My screensaver was a tropical scene. I listened to Hawaiian music in my car, on my computer at work, at home. Finally in 2008, after a divorce, and other major life evolutions/revolutions, I made it to Maui. In 2008 I bought a round trip ticket, but didn’t come back. At least (permanently) until 2015 when my (relatively new) husband and I returned to California be closer to his aging mother.

When I was on my Maui quest, it was the most intense, purposeful time of vision in my life. Nothing else mattered. Everything revolved around that. Everything.


It’s been a while since I had such vision in my life that it directed everything. In fact, I haven’t had much vision at all since we left Maui. So what am I going to do about that?

I’m going to do just what I would guide a coaching client of mine to do and begin walking through those very same exercises and ask myself those very same questions. I don’t think it will be long before I regain my vision. In fact, just writing this has started to raise the blinds a bit and let in some light. I don’t think this time around, the vision I gain for my life will be something I stumble upon, or randomly find. I think it will be more deliberate, more directed, and more purposeful. But perhaps not too. Perhaps in my seeking one thing, another, unexpected direction will open and surprise and delight me. And that is what I’m looking for, to regain my delight in life.

So dear reader, take the journey of finding a vision for your life with me. My intention is to get back to posting coaching, writing, and cooking tips on Wednesdays, so stay tuned and remember:

All you need is love!

3 thoughts on “54. Vision…

  1. Carol Jean Naranjo

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your story! I too have a vision! Santa Fe, NM. It keeps calling me even though I’ve never laid on the sand in Santa Fe, nor the earth, but something keeps calling me to go. Rooms are available to rent, why not? I’ve lived in shared communities. I can share a home with others, get a job at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, anything to pay the rent and my bills. I am not going for the work, but for the community, I want a like-minded community. I want to get involved in the yoga community, not in teaching, but in learning, spend time with teachers and other yogis, join a yoga studio and attend classes daily. For two years I want to only practice, study, work a job that pays the bills and just be me with no other responsibility except myself. And lastly, to stay in one place for two years, committed.
    I want to let go of my daughter and granddaughter, everything will be okay. I don’t need to fix them, their time will come when their lives will totally fall apart and I am only a phone call away, 15 hours away by car, it’s okay, Carol. I want to go, live the life I wanted off of that island that I spent 26 years on and wanted to leave so desperately for the last ten years. Now I am free, I don’t want to trap myself again in another city I am not happy in….let go and let God! Hugs & Love Leslie xoxox

    • leslienafus

      I have learned from experience that the “inner witness” is the surest sign of the Lord’s direction in my life. As you follow that calling, you will encounter all the good things the Lord has planned for your path. Go for it Carol! The Lord not only fulfills the desires of our hearts, but He plants them there in the first place! Super excited for you! “All you need is Love”

  2. Maribeth Theisen

    Thanks for sharing this. It was my Maui story too! I had a vision board, and visualized myself there daily. I left my practice, clients, friends, pets, house, marriage to go. And it was so wonderful! Your skills at coaching are excellent; so as you follow your inner guidance, you will align with your passion again.

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