57. Who’s Hungry?!?

Who’s Hungry?

I love to feed people. It’s one of the (easily identified) ways I give and receive love. Nutritious, well-prepared, beautiful food is a love dialect for me, and you’ll know I love you if I cook for you. I delight in giving people unusual food experiences—feeding them out-of-the-ordinary dishes, or cultural foods they may not be acquainted with yet, or simply my version of a classic that takes it to the extraordinary.

It comes as no surprise, then, as I’m on the quest for renewed vision in my life that the Lord leads me toward it with food metaphors and word smithing. Food I understand. Feeding people I understand. I am very connected to God, to myself, and to others when I am cooking and writing about food. I feel convergent with the creativity inherent in me when fashioning food and words.

Last week as I meditated on the vision for this next season of my life, I came across a phrase that helped to bring it into clearer focus: “Who is hungry for what God has placed within you?”
I began cogitating on that thought, and it wasn’t very long before more followed. Not only “WHO is hungry for WHAT God has placed within you?” But WHERE are they, and are you willing to go to them? WHEN do you go? WHY do they want it and HOW to deliver it to them?

There you go. Food AND one of the most basic frameworks for descriptive writing to bring me closer to clarity of vision, and do I dare add mission into the mix? Talk about the proverbial “aha!” moment, not to mention a new coaching model to use with my clients. LOVE the way the Lord works in my life (in these moments anyway, lol)!

The Five W’s and One H.

Let’s unpack these ideas for your own “vision quest”. (I figure if it helps me, someone who is not the brightest bulb on this particular tree, then it will certainly assist others who are far more clever than I.) And since you, dear reader, are the only one who can accurately answer the above questions, the idea will bear most fruit if you ask, and answer, them for yourself.

As you take stock of your life, who in the past has been the most receptive to your offerings and gifting? This is, of course, assuming that you know your gifting. If you don’t, just go with whatever it is that you’ve enjoyed giving to others, or doing for others. Either way, whoever has received what you have with joy just may be a clue to who you are called to give to and what you’re supposed to give.

Where are they? Are they in your neighborhood? Your workplace? Thailand? Moldovia? Your family? Where are they? The second part is: Are you willing to go to them, wherever they are? If you aren’t willing, why not?

While technically the fourth “W”, for our purposes “when” serves as the third question for vision. When are you supposed to give to those who are hungry for what you have within you? Sometimes it’s now. Sometimes it’s later. Sometimes it’s for a season. Sometimes it’s for a reason. Whenever it is, it’s important to be able to use good judgment to bring the right thing at the right time.

Why do they want it? This is probably the quintessential wrong question. But I’ll answer it anyway. Why not? If something has been beneficial in your life, it is bound to be beneficial to others, and is worth sharing. If you don’t share it, someone who needs it too may never have the benefit of it. So again I answer with: Why not?

Another highly personalized question that only YOU will get the exact answer for. Don’t settle for the most popular methods, or how others are sharing their gifts. Take the time to dig deep and find YOUR particular expression. Start right where you are with what you have. A well-worn expression I’m sure you’ve heard to the point of not hearing it is: God can’t steer a parked car. Get moving and the “how” will fine tune and work itself out. Your expression of what God has placed inside you will become more and more an exhibition of your unique style and flavor the more you use it.


This is a process of discovery. You don’t need all the parts in place before you start moving. In fact, some of the answers to these questions will only reveal themselves as you step out and begin giving your gift away. Simply start with ONE person who is hungry for what you have, and give it to them. The other answers will fall into place.

And remember: “All you need is Love”!





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