61. The Quiz. A Bit of Fun with the BWG Household…


I fell prey to a social media quiz not long ago. Curiosity overcame me as I read through all the people’s results.(People who are FAR less cautious/private than I, lol.) I didn’t take, nor post the quiz on social media, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t participate.

I wrote the questions in my biog notebook, and decided I would take this little test with Hubby. I posed the questions to him and recorded his answers, and YOU, dear readers, are going to get read his answers.


I’m sure you’ve seen this “test”, or one very like it, circulating on social media in the recent past. You ask your spouse questions about yourself and record his or her answers for all of social media to witness.

Some of his answers surprised me. Some of them hurt my feelings. Some of them showed how much we’ve grown, together. Others, where we may have grown apart a bit. Most of them reminded me just why I love this guy and how glad I am we get to finish out life together. (Because, after all, it isn’t who you start with, but who you finish with that counts!)

Without further ado, I reveal our answers to you, dear readers.


  1. What is something I always say? His response: “Dinner’s ready!” (Ha!)
  2. What make me happy? His response: “Seeing your sister.” (Correct)
  3. What makes me sad? His response: “Not having as close a relationship with your kids as you want and not having a mom growing up.” (Correct)
  4. How tall am I? His response: 5’7” (Correct)
  5. What’s my favorite thing to do? His response: Traveling & road trips. (After bit of discussion and consideration on this one, we decided to go with this response, which is my second favorite thing to do, because my first favorite thing to do is inappropriate for this blog…)
  6. What do I do when you’re not around? His response: “Work, write, clean, read, cook.” (Correct)
  7. If I become famous, what will it be for? His response: “Your writing.”
  8. What makes you proud of me? His response: “Your intelligence—how absolutely smart and knowledgable your are AND your cooking.”
  9. What is my favorite food? His response: “You have a lot of them.” (Correct!)
  10. What is my favorite restaurant? His response: “Until we go to The French Laundry, it is Spago, Maui.” (Correct!)
  11. Where is my favorite place to be? His response: “Almost anywhere but here. But really underwater, SCUBA diving.” (Correct!)
  12. If I could go anywhere, where would it be? His response: “Besides to go see your sister? A lot of places.” (Technically correct, but I had to coach him on the second part, which is Italy and Israel.)
  13. Do you think you could live without me? His response: “I’d say no. The real question is, do I WANT to? The answer to that is, NO!” (Good answer!)
  14. How do I annoy you? His response: “When you are suspicious of me without reason.” (Hmmmmm….)
  15. What is my favorite movie? His response: “You have a lot of them.” (Correct again!)
  16. Wo is my celebrity crush? His response: “You’re not really like that. (True.) But if I had to pick I’d say either Liam Neeson or John Wayne. Probably John Wayne.” (Correct)
  17. You get a phone call that I am in trouble (the naughty kind)—WHO am I with? His response: “Maribeth or your sister.” (Definitely correct, although I would perhaps add JB in there, depending upon the trouble, hahahahaha!)

And there you go, dear readers. A vulnerable glimpse into our private world. I’d say we did pretty well. In spite of appearances to the contrary at times, my husband has, and does, pay attention to me and my quirks, and loves me just the same.

Always remember: “All you need is Love”!

One thought on “61. The Quiz. A Bit of Fun with the BWG Household…

  1. Ah ha ha! So like you to have HIM do the quiz instead of you. You don’t have to publish, but DO let him give you the quiz. And NO … I would never be naughty with Mr. Handsome! Because of our friendship!!!

    I’m not sure I could answer any of the questions with just one comment! Like you … a lot of them!

    So fun to read your life … and glad I made the time to comment. We are on our last morning of vacation in Sunriver … it’s just me and Braeden up and packed at 8am …

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