66. A New Direction…

I am convinced of one thing: How you beat diabetes is how you beat anything!

I know it has been a long time since I’ve posted here at Breakfast With God. After my brother died, it took a while for the patterns of the “new norml” to set in. I felt like I should take this blog in a new direction, but frankly had great difficulty getting unparalyzed to do so.

I have been working on a series of posts for several months now, a project that should have taken only a month. I intended to begin posting them in August and here it is October already. And honestly? I still have a few more to write, but I decided if I continued to procrastinate, I’d stay paralyzed forever and maybe I would never come back here, to this blog I love.

Such has been the nature of my grief.

But I am moving forward again, and enjoying it. Loving it really. I’m even regaining a sense of humor–watch out!

This new series is about reversing type 2 diabetes. Since I posted more than two years ago about reversing the disease, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to so many people and encourage them and give them hope. Many have asked me to write a book about it.

On that, we will see.

I hope you will find the series informative, encouraging, empowering and helpful. I am convinced of one thing: How you beat diabetes is how you beat anything! And you CAN beat diabetes–and anything–by applying the same principles to each scenario.

Stay tuned and next week you’ll have the first post in the series. There will be other series as well, with topics on the likes of health & food, lifestyle and women entrepreneurship & leadership–subjects I am not only interested in and learning more about every day, but am directly involved in on a daily basis.

Thanks for your patience dear readers, and see you next week!

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