67. It CAN be done!

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Mama always told me time flies when you’re having fun.

Well, truthfully, my mother never told me any such thing—or anything, really. I am not sure about the fun part, either. But time has indeed flown.

It has been more than two years (2 YEARS?!?) since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my subsequent journey to reverse this American epidemic in my life.

While I won’t say it has been a daily battle to keep this condition reversed, I would say it is a lifestyle of constant vigilance and daily choices that go against a battalion of life-long and cultural habits surrounding food—what food is, what food is good for me, how much to eat and what I want for my future.

2 years into this new paradigm, I am healthy. My numbers have remained in the normal, non-diabetic range (I am still an A1C 5 percenter), and all my other tests show normal as well now. Cholesterol is normalized, Vitamin D deficiency has gone, blood pressure, kidney function—all well within normal, healthy ranges. All managed only by diet, supplements, and exercise with no medication. In fact, I am not classified as diabetic anymore, although I have to continue to make these daily choices to stay that way.

I am probably the most fit I have (consistently) been as an adult. A 7 or 8-mile walk is no problem. I swim regularly and workout with weights and aerobically in some capacity every day. I out walk our dogs—they are ready to go home from our morning walks long before I am. I can keep up and hold my own when out hiking with my thirty-year-old “outdoor woman” daughter.

My doctor continues to be pleased and amazed with my progress, even though by my own, internal, standards I am not yet quite where I would like to be—that place of health I visualize being and toward which I exercise my faith.

Every time I visit her, she says she tells all her other diabetic patients about me and that I should write a book to help other people. Maybe I will, but for now I have decided to simply do a blog series on it—on how I dealt with diabetes.

I am convinced that most people can regain their health simply through an eating lifestyle change!

The great thing about following a t-2 reversal lifestyle is that it is good for so many of the chronic, food-related illnesses that plague Americans, not just type 2 diabetes. Heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and countless others. I am convinced that most people can regain their health simply through an eating lifestyle change. A change that can either be radical (like me) or gradual (over a period of months to a couple of years) and that has amazing results.

I have realized, through my own experience these past 2 years, the truth that many so-called “fitness gurus” have stated: that 80 percent of all fitness goals happen in the kitchen. Or, to say it another way, 80 percent of having great abs is about what you put in your mouth.

I have to confess for many, many years—in fact, all the years leading up to my diagnosis—that I was absolutely in denial about this fact. No matter how much I wished, believed, hoped and acted like I was the exception to this rule, health and fitness are mostly about what you eat.

Period. I am no exception. And neither are you.

Reversing type 2 diabetes is no different. It is 80 percent about what you eat, for every meal, every day. That is where I began my journey and that this where I am going to begin this blog series.

I hope you’ll read along as I share my experiences, victories, struggles, and most importantly my continuing journey to full, amazing health. I also hope you’ll be encouraged to examine your own health and get on your own journey toward your best health yet.

So stay tuned until next week, dear readers, when we dive into how YOU can reverse type 2 diabetes—and keep it reversed, permanently.

Remember: How you beat diabetes is how you beat anything!

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  1. Maribeth

    Congratulations! Keep it up! And write that book.

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