72. Small Moves…

Reversing diabetes is all about consistently making small moves in the same direction to regain your health. Www.breakfastwithgod.net Click To Tweet

I have not been a consistent “exerciser” during my adult life. While I have always been active, living a lifestyle of walking, hiking, biking, seasonal swimming and winter outdoor activities, but I have not been one who “goes to the gym” and “works out” regularly.

Exercise plays a big role in reversing diabetes, and maintaining that reversal, for me.But for the first several months after diagnosis, I wasn’t able to incorporate this important piece of the reversal equation into my new lifestyle.

Maybe you remember that the reason I went to the doctor in the first place was an incapacitating knee injury. While I was dealing with the diabetes diagnosis, I was also going through the process of having my knee diagnosed and treated. Initially, I was ordered to stay off my knee and only walk as much as necessary throughout my day. This meant staying inside with my leg propped up, only walking to the bathroom or car or the table. On a vigorous day I got to go to the grocery store. I also had to wear a knee brace and regularly ice my knee.

Once I got through the first diagnostic stage, I was sent to physical therapist, where several more weeks of rest were ordered.  This effectively eliminated any kind exercise both as recreation and as a means of helping reverse diabetes.

When I was finally allowed to begin exercising, it was an extremely limited capacity. They were floor exercises designed to strengthen the muscles of my legs around my knee, and there were only THREE of them, plus my twice weekly physcial therapy appointments. Otherwise, I still had to stay off my feet. But after months of confinement, it felt SO GOOD to be able to do some physical activity.

The forced inactivity plus the understanding of the role that exercise played in my recovery from diabetes caused a change of heart and mind in me toward regular exercise. I was so motivated to be healthy, both in my knee and in my being that a new dedication to these three simple exercises bloomed.

That dedication to those three exercises became the foundation for my fitness routine now, which includes going to a (gulp) gym, as well as regular walking and at-home strength workouts. I am still dedicated and going strong, literally.

I am, right now, the most fit I have been as an adult. And I’m not done yet.

And it all started with three, very simple, not very challenging exercises that took me about six minutes a day. Even you are sedentary at the moment, it can start for you, too.

All you have to do is start making small moves. (Pun totally intended.)

Really, reversing diabetes is all about consistently making small moves in the same direction to regain your health. And in the next section we will talk about how to begin building a regular exercise routine into your life.

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