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Leslie coached me for a season. She really helped me to go through some major transitions in my life! Thank you Leslie for all the encouragement, love, wisdom, the practical and spiritual steps to move forward with confidence!!! You definitely were all in to see me win!!!” KTongg, HI–Coaching Client

“Each time we talk, Leslie finds an unexpected question for me. This question always leads me to a gold nugget that I can concentrate on in my prayer and meditation time. Leslie has a unique way of bringing me back into my soul and her unexpected question is brilliant every time.”  KB, Hawaii, USA–Coaching Client

“Leslie motivated me, in a short time, to get back into caring for myself through diet, exercise, and to begin looking for employment after time off from my previous job. She encouraged me, without judgement, to move forward. We collaborated together and created a “wheel of success” to work from, using the resources I already have to build with. She helped me see that I possess all that I need to begin building the platform of my life and to positively impact my world. She continues to inspire me on our journey together!” CN, TX–Coaching Client

What is Transformational Christian Life Coaching?

Coaching is a client-centered relationship between coach and client that moves the client from where they are to where they want to be.

Christian coaching is a client-centered relationship between coach and client that moves the client from where they are to where God wants them to be.

Transformational Christian coaching is a client-centered relationship between coach an client that not only moves the client from where they are to where God wants them to be but also creates awareness of the client’s present state; sets vision for where the client wants to go; implements strategies and actions to get there; identifies obstacles (both external and internal); and that integrates processes that lead to personal transformation, usually through inner healing prayer ministry and forgiveness ministry, that may address (but are not limited to) personal foundation, spiritual growth, life-balance, getting “un-stuck”, healthy lifestyle management, decision-making, and achieving short- and long-term goals.

Coaching vs. Mentoring or Counseling.

Coaching is not therapy, counseling, advice giving, mental healthcare or treatment for substance abuse or any addictive behavior, nor is it intended as a replacement for counseling, psychiatric interventions, treatment for mental illness, abuse recovery, financial assistance, professional medical advice, legal counsel, or other professional services.

Coaching is not mentoring, in the strictest sense. Mentoring focuses on teaching a person and allowing him or her to draw from the mentor’s experience and resources. The mentor is usually an expert in his or her field that guides an understudy in the ways of that field of expertise.  Coaching focuses on pushing the client to draw from his or her own resources and experiences. Coaching is helping a client learn instead of teaching them. Coaching operates on the idea that the client is the expert on his or her life, and able to identify direction and desire to move forward.

Are You Ready to Be Coached?

Coaching is for people who are basically well adjusted, emotionally healthy, functioning fairly effectively, and desiring to make improvements to their lives.

If you “feel stuck”, want to move forward, remove obstacles, set and achieve goals, or work on any area of your life, and are willing to commit to that process and a coaching alliance, then you are ready for coaching.

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